Rainmaker 1:10: New Remote PDF, PPT, and Word View

Rainmaker Remote: New Content View

Presenting heavy PDF content in Remote meetings is now a much better experience for both presenters and participants. We have upgraded the Rainmaker Remote content engine, to make viewing of PDF, PowerPoint, and Word content fast to load, more responsive, and flexible to navigate. The benefits include:

  • Non-HTML content is now viewed in the familiar PDF user interface (UI).

  • The Thumbnail view makes it easy to navigate and jump between pages – participants will not be exposed to the navigation route.

  • Rainmaker Remote makes content responsive to the specific screen each participant is viewing from, regardless of the device.

  • You now start tracking what pages have been viewed and for how long.

See what it looks like:

The familiar PDF UI with zoom function and thumbnail navigation within Rainmaker Remote.

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