Rainmaker 1.10: Introducing Alert Notifications

Popup can appear when provisioning an Approved Email to a contact multiple times

  • Before, clients could send an Approved Email multiple times to the same contact(s) without any assistance from the Engager for iPadOS informing clients that this had been done already at some point. Clients were left without receiving a popup giving them an opportunity to choose between sending the Approved Email to “Only new” or “To all” contacts selected.

  • Now, when a client has selected one or several contacts and is tapping to send the Approved Email, the Engager for iPadOS will search the activity history on the client’s device. If it finds that any of the selected contacts have received this Approved Email before, the client will get a popup. The popup will let the client know that some of the selected contacts already have received this Approved Email. The client will then be able to choose between sending the Approved Email to all contacts or just to the contacts that are yet to receive one from this user.

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