Content Compatibility

​​​Content can be created in different formats and here is an overview of how it can be used in the different channels:

Type of content

Engager iPadOS

Engager Windows





HTML5 framework: Content Accelerator

v 2.5.2 (2016)

HTML5 framework: Accelerator v 1.x for Rainmaker (2015–)*

Free format †



(No animations or video)



(Mainly applicable in content for emails)






† Free format content built for Engager Windows requires content to be prepared for Internet Explorer.

Notes on channel compatibility

  • Upgrading Content Accelerator v 2.4.1 to Accelerator v 1.x for Rainmaker requires manual work per presentation.

  • Note: When upgrading from Content Accelerator to Accelerator, the thumbnail image size changes from 220x64px (iPlanner) to a .png file 400x400 (Engager).

  • HTML content needs to be upgraded to Accelerator 1.4.7 + to be able to show slides in Remote channel.

  • PDF, PPT, Word formats needs to be re-uploaded and tagged with meta-data tag "Remote" under "Channel" in Mobilizer to be able to work on the upgraded Remote Channel with that supports several presentations and PDF, PPT and Word formats. 

  • PPT in Remote does not support video or animations. 

  • Remote channel does not support PDF, PPT and Word content with layers, only flat content. Make sure to export content as flat content.

  • Remote channel does not support links within content.

  • Dynamic agenda module in Accelerator framework is built to only work on Face-2-Face channel, and can therefore not be used on Remote channel, Microsite and Provisioning. 

  • To trigger videos to play on participant's end in remote calls, you must get the participants to interact with the browser windows first. This is a browser constraint. Also, the ag-video module must as a minimum be version 0.10.1 and upgraded with CLI version 1.2.9 or newer.

  • For the effective use of content in both Engager iPadOS and Engager Windows, we recommend the content is tested in both, and that its design reflects the different devices and their respective resolutions. We recommend the use of responsive design to allow the content to adjust for all devices, making it easier and less expensive to update and maintain

  • We test changes to the Accelerator on our Engager apps using test HTML5 content prior to releasing. Should you find content errors, please report them to for investigation 

Editing compatibility

Content built on the Agnito HTLM5 frameworks can be edited with the indicated tool. 

Type of content

Manager Editor


Workflow Editor

Rainmaker Builder

HTML5 framework:

Content Accelerator

v 2.4.1 (2013-2015)

HTML5 framework:

Accelerator v 1.x for Rainmaker (2015–)

Free format;

no framework


Requirements to edit in browser:

  • Firefox (latest version - follow this link to download the most recent)

  • Google Chrome (latest version - follow this link to download the most recent)

  • Safari (latest version - follow this linkto download the most recent)

Supported devices and operating systems

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