Engager 1.9.0 for iPadOS

Creating Remote Calls on Engagers

It is now possible to create a Remote Call straight away, instead of creating F2F meetings first and then changing it to a Remote Call.

The icons are shown below with the F2F meeting on top and the Remote Call icon below

Create and Launch a Remote Call Without Any Contacts

This feature is a great benefit for all users who needs to invite someone for a Remote Call on the fly but do not already have the contact available on Engager. 

Other use-cases benefitting from this feature

  • Users that are not using contacts on Engager at all will now be able to perform Remote Calls as well.

  • Whenever a participant is unable to join a planned Remote Call, but where the participant's colleague can take over, the user can immediately invite the colleague for a Remote Call.

  • Users, who are using contacts on Engager, but where CRM has yet to update an existing contact's email address or to import a new contact, can now launch a Remote Call without the need to wait for CRM system.

Meet-Now Link

Since we are allowing the creation of Remote Calls without any contacts, we need to provide the users with an option to invite these "unknown" participants. This is what the Meet-Now Link is for, namely to share with unknown participants so that they easily can join a remote session.

The Meet-Now Link is located in the top navigation bar when the presenter-mode is fully unfolded in the launched Remote Call:

Remote Landing Page

  1. For the participant to join the Remote Call, the user can provide the participant with the full link to join. In the above example that will be "agn.to/re345".

  2. The user can also guide the participant to a Remote Landing Page where the participant can enter the 5 digits (re345) from the Meet-Now Link.

We have 2 Remote Landing Pages that be shared with participants:


Unknown Participant – Data Capturing

We are capturing real-time event data on unknown participants that can be used for reporting.

Here is an example of a Remote Call with an unknown participant where data is captured in-call:


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