Adding Knowledge Checks to a PAK

Knowledge checks and quizzes are designed to reinforce key lessons from the Pak. They should support the learning objective presented at the beginning of the Pak. We recommend limiting them to two or three per Pak, unless your needs dictate otherwise.


For a helpful guide on how to create knowledge checks, see our article, 10 Tips for Writing Multiple Choice Questions

Adding a Knowledge Check

  1. Click on the Memory area in the right-hand panel, then click on the Knowledge Check element.

  2. The Knowledge Check element will appear.

  3. Select the knowledge check type you wish to create, and add the prompts and answers as appropriate. If you wish, add an explanation so your users who answer incorrectly can see learn more about the correct answer. Click Save Question when done. See below for an overview of the different knowledge check types.

  4. To add another question to the knowledge check, click on the New Question button.

  5. Click Done Editing when you are done saving your questions.

  6. Publish your changes when done so your users can see your edits.

Knowledge Check Types

There are four different types of knowledge checks. Add the question prompts and answers as required.


Multiple Choice: Offers multiple choices for answers, only one of which is correct. Click on the radio button to indicate the correct answer.




Multi-Answer: Offers multiple choices for answers, of which several can be correct. Click on the checkboxes to indicate the correct answers.



Free Text: Allows users to enter text to an open-ended prompt. These questions are not scored in any knowledge check or exam scoring reports.




Drag & Order: Users are presented with a randomly ordered sequence that they must rearrange into the correct order. Add your answers in the correct order; the system will randomly scramble the answers for each user.



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