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Welcome to our Pak Gallery! Paks are perfect for quick-hitting information and interactive exercises, whether it’s a short coaching video to reinforce good habits, or a job aid to refresh memories. You can even use it for product launch kits and company newsletters.

This Gallery is here to provide you with best practice advice, helpful tips, and inspiration. Take a look through! We hope it helps you build the best Paks for your team.

Battle Card
Compliance Training
Internal Newsletter
Pre-Class Training
Product Certification
Product Launch

Battle Card

Assemble your best competitive know-how with Veelo Battle Card Paks to support sales with positioning and differentiating your product. Battle Cards typically contain competitive intelligence such as product and feature benefits, pros/cons of a product vs the competition, and silver bullet statements for differentiation.

Include short, interactive audio or video modeling a likely prospect conversation.
Add important discovery questions that reps can apply immediately.  

Images add sensory details which help create a vivid experience for the user.
Use Hide and Reveal widgets to present common objections and responses.


Reinforce skill adoption and application with Coaching Paks. Ideal Coaching Paks take less than 3 minutes to consume, include actionable advice that reps can apply immediately, and offer short video and/or audio to model typical conversation tracks.    

➀ Keep text blocks under 300 words to maintain audience engagement.
➁ Include short, interactive audio or video to model correct behavior.

➀ Make headers action-oriented.
➁ Use a Hide and Reveal widget to add interaction.

Compliance Training

Easily create compliance training or reinforcement training with Veelo.  In minutes you can author content to address important issues such as violations of legal liability, harassment, code of conduct, fraud, and waste & abuse. Add knowledge checks, tests, and certification to increase memory retention. You can even pre-schedule these assignments for auto-renewal.

➀ Include imagery and video to engage your audience. Keep your content short, and use Hide and Reveal widgets to highlight key points.
➁ Tie your content to your audience’s actual work life and help them develop a connection with the issues involved.

➀ Add a knowledge check to reinforce desired behavior and help them make decisions and learn from mistakes in a risk-free environment. 

Internal Newsletter

Assemble newsletters in minutes – add important announcements, success stories, product updates and messages from leadership. Notify your audience by email and alerts in Veelo. Include hyperlinks to other sites and sources, and you can even gather feedback and ratings from your audience to find out what they like best!

➀ Use hyperlinks to connect to other sites for action or details.  
➁ Include imagery to engage the audience.

➀ Add short video to engage and share information quickly.  
➁ Add Open Text boxes to encourage direct response to a question.


Job Aid Paks provide quick reference “how-tos” and step-by-step instructions for important process tasks. Add screen shots and video as needed to help guide the user.

➀ Use a header such as “Step by step” to indicate the start of a process.
➁ Use screenshots to illustrate where the user performs an action.

➀ Order steps clearly and use indented bullets for second layer details. 


Help your audience learn new concepts and skills quickly with short bites of quick-hitting information. Microtrainings take less than 5 minutes to consume, and include interactive elements as well as a memory recall exercise to reinforce key learning objectives.

➀ Include a description at the beginning of a Pak to show the User what they will learn.
➁ Hide and Reveal widgets help keep content condensed and short.

➀ Write your Knowledge Check questions so they are simple in structure and easy to understand.
➁ Write questions that get your user to think at different levels - include recall questions, comprehensive questions, analysis questions, etc.

Pre-Class Training

Pre-Class Paks allow for Flip Learning in the classroom.  Design them to send in advance of the
classroom or event training to ensure your learners are ready to apply and practice what they
learn for a more enriching experience.

➀ Make headers description and action oriented.
➁ Proceed videos with a quick benefit statement or explanation and to model behavior.

➀ Use open text boxes to build forms and provide space for note taking.

Product Certification
Validate employee knowledge and skills for sales and partner readiness, product knowledge,
internal process, and more. Certification Paks work as a stand-alone or as part of a course series. Add automated certificates and even pre-schedule for auto-renewal.

➀ In the introduction, tell the User the purpose for the certification.
➁ Include a link or reference video to help refresh memory before testing.

➀ Write options of similar length and vary the placement of the right answer.  Use Veelo quiz widgets: Multiple Choice, T/F, Drag and Drop, Open Text, and Flashcards.
➁ Use memory-plus application questions. These questions require learners to recall principles, rules or facts in a real life context for better reinforcement.

Product Launch
New Product Launches answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” Present clear Features and Benefits, and reinforce with interactive Knowledge Checks. Your Salespeople will refer to this often when promoting this new product to existing customers and prospects.

➀ Make sure to keep your text short. Attention spans and memory retention tend to plummet after 350 words.

➀ Hide and Reveal widgets allow users to engage in your content, offering a more hands-on approach to learning.

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