What's a PAK? Users and Examples

Create dynamic content to spark employee engagement using Veelo Paks. Bring procedures to life with video, rich media and interactive how-tows. Add Memory Boosts™ such as flashcards, knowledge checks, quizzes and challenge games to ensure competency and reinforce behavior.

Responsive design ensures your Pak content displays correctly, regardless of screen size.

Popular uses for a Pak include:


Combine text, video and a knowledge check to provide users a quick refresher.

Job aid

Give step-by-step instructions, including screenshots and a video.

Coaching play

Coach your users on how to position, message and differentiate. These Paks typically contain product information and video or audio clips to help users model ideal behavior.


Battle card

Show your users how to position your products—include an elevator pitch, complete with an audio recording of how to say it, as well as discovery questions and answers.


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