Enable Adobe Flashplayer for Video Coaching

This article will get you up and running with the Adobe Flash Player so you can record videos in Veelo. For general instructions on Video Coaching, see Completing a Video Coaching To-Do. There are two basic parts to the instructions: Installing Flash and Enabling Flash.

  • NOTE: You can use Chrome or Firefox to avoid having to install and enable Flash. You only need Flash to record video in Internet Explorer, Safari, and Edge.

Installing Flash

  1. It’s easiest to start from a Video Coaching assignment. You will see a screen like this:

    If you don’t already have Flash installed, clicking “Next” will open the download page on Adobe’s website. Follow their instructions to download and install the software.

    NOTE: Do not restart your browser, even though Adobe instructs you to do so. Reloading the page will work in most cases. (Restarting will work too, but then you’ll need to sign in to Veelo and find your content again.)

  2. When you return to Veelo after installing Flash, you may see a loading spinner or an additional help message (see examples below).

    Reload this page to get back to the initial screen, shown below.

Enabling Flash

  1. Once Flash is installed, click “Next” again (see the initial screen, above). The browser will ask your permission to use Flash. Click to allow. The example below is from Safari; other browsers will look different.

  2. After you click to allow Flash, you'll see the Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog (see below). Select “Allow” and “Remember,” and then click “Close,” to allow our video recorder to access your camera and microphone.

  3. After you close the Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog, the left section of the screen may go blank (see below). If so, reload the page.

  4. At this point, if all went well, you’re ready to record, and your screen will look like the above (except with your face front and center). If you see something other than the screen above, you may need to restart your browser after all.

    If you find you’re still having trouble after a restart, please email us atsupport@veeloinc.com.
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