Recording and Submitting your Video Coaching

Veelo's Video Coaching tool lets you practice sales dialog and up-level your skills with manager review and feedback.  Here’s how you record, submit, and review the feedback for your video with the Video Coaching feature:

NOTE: If you're using a browser other than Chrome or Firefox, you may need to install and enable Flash for your browser. For instructions, see Enabling Adobe Flash Player for Video Coaching.

Recording and Submitting a Video

  1. You can easily find the practice session you need to record by looking for the clapperboard icon in the upper right corner of items in your To-Do section. Videos that need to be completed have Record Your Video in the Your Next Action section.

  2. Click on the video practice to open the recorder. The system will automatically turn on the webcam and microphone on your computer.

    • Read the Objective section carefully to see our assigned practice or exercise. Pay attention to the recommended length.
      NOTE: Your recording will not be cut off if you exceed the recommended length, but the system will stop recording if you exceed 10 minutes.
    • Click Start Recording when you are ready, and click Stop when you are done. You will have a chance to review your video and re-record as often as needed.
    • Click on the Send Your Video button to submit the video to your manager for review.

Reviewing Your Feedback

  1. After you submit your video, the Your Next Action section will display the Wait for Feedback status until your manager has reviewed your submission. After your manager has reviewed your video, you will receive an email notification.

  2.  Go to the Collection containing the video that needs to be reviewed. The status in Your Next Action will say Read Your Feedback.

  3. Click on your video to open it. Your manager’s feedback will be presented to the side of your video. Close out of the video when you are done.
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