Completing a To-Do

A To-Do is an item (e.g, new product launch information, sales kit, micro-training) your manager wants you to view or complete because they think it is important for you to know in order to do your job well. 

Key Features

  • Includes one or more items to view/complete (e.g, new product launch information, sales kit, micro-training, knowledge check, quiz) 
  • Outstanding To-Do's will display in your top navigation bar.
  • Track progressdue dates, and late To-Dos in the To-Do Skill Center
  • Receive automated email reminders for new and/or late To-Do's.

Step by Step

  1. View open To-Do items in the To-Do area.
  2. Complete a To-Do by clicking on each page or completing the task.
  3. View progress of all your To-Do's on your Skill Center. Switch to List View to see detailed information.


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