Rating and Commenting on Content

Leaving comments on a piece of content are a great way to give feedback to content managers and your marketing team. You can also leave a star rating so they know what's helpful and what's not.

For files, the ratings and comments area can be found to the right of the file preview area.

For Paks, the ratings and comments can be found on the Review page at the very end of the Pak.

Simply select the number of stars you'd like to leave, type your comments, and click Save.



Will other sales users/reps see my ratings and comments? 

No, only you and your Veelo administrator and content managers will see your ratings and comments. 


Will I get a response from a Content Manager about my rating or comment? 

Usually not, but this depends on your organization and how they manage feedback. If you'd like to talk with a content manager or someone in marketing, add this to your comment. 


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