Personalizing Content with my Files

Share your personalized content such as proposals, price sheets, and presentations with your prospects by uploading them to the My Files area in Veelo. Receive instant email and CRM alerts when recipients open or forward the content to better manage follow-up, as well as qualify level of interest by engagement.  

Key Features

  • Add personalized files.
  • Add content to Favorites for repeat access.
  • Bundle and share content with prospects and customers.
  • Receive instant view, open and forward alerts from your prospects and customers. 
  • Activity automatically records on your Seller Dashboard and as an activity in the CRM.

Step by Step

  1. Click on theMy Files tab.

  2. Upload your customized file from your computer by clicking on the Upload button.
  3. Once you've uploaded your content, share your My Files content using your favorite methods: through the Gmail Add-In, or using the Outlook Ad-In.
  4. Remove or download your files by clicking on the icon in the My File column.

Supported File Formats

VeeloMy Files supports all file formats for uploading and sharing. However, only the file formats below are supported for file preview and automatically-generated thumbnails:

  • PDF
  • Image files: JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF/TIFF
  • Microsoft Office: DOC/DOCX, PPT/PPTX, XLS/XLSX
  • Video: AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG/MPEG, WMV
  • Audio: MP3 (no automatic thumbnail generation)


Can My Files items be moved for all other sales reps to see in All Content?

No, My Files items cannot be moved to All Content.  It is private and viewed only by you and the prospects with whom you share it. 


Can a manager see items in a particular seller’s My Files?

My Files items remain visible only to the seller and to the prospects/customers with whom it was shared.


Can I rename files or edit the file in My Files?  

You must name your file before loading to My Files.  


How can I manage versions of the same file?

You can delete old versions of a file and then re-upload it.
NOTE: Each file version uploaded into Veelo has its own metrics, so prospect activity will be specific to a particular version.    

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