Quick Start

As a user, you are typically a sales rep who shares marketing content and views micro-coaching on how to best sell new company products. You use Veelo from your laptop, phone, CRM and our email integrations.

Key Features

  • Sales Portal: Quickly browse and search for content
  • Guided Selling® recommendations: Embedded in your CRM; predictive content recommendations based on sales stage, vertical, product and more
  • My Files: Personalize, upload, and share your own content in Veelo
  • Sharing: Share content through Gmail or Outlook, and receive real-time email and CRM alerts when prospects open content
  • Training and Coaching: Complete micro trainings and video coachings; track your progress
  • Analytics: See how frequently your prospects engage with the content you share


Step by Step

1. Sign In

After receiving your activation email, you can log in to the Veelo web app to set up your password.

If your company's subscription includes a CRM integration, signing in is as easy as signing in to your CRM and viewing a page with a Veelo embed, such as an Opportunity or Contact.

2. Set Up Your Apps

Veelo provides you quick coaching and the ability to find, share and track content with prospects and customers as a natural part of your workflow. To get the full benefit of Veelo, ensure you add the following:



Why is my account automatically deactivated every day, even after it’s been reactivated?

If you’re a User with Salesforce access, contact your Veelo administrator and ask them to ensure that yourEnabled in Veelo box is checked on your user profile in Salesforce.


I tried to create an account but got a “could not determine your organization” error. How do I set up my Veelo account?

Please contact your Veelo administrator to set up the account for you. If you don’t know who your Veelo administrator is, please email support@veeloinc.com and tell us the organization that’s providing you Veelo access. We’ll put you in touch with the appropriate people.


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