Linking Content From Web

The Links feature gives you better visibility into how your salespeople use and share your blog posts and other web content. Salespeople can share those links and see what's popular among prospects, while marketers can gain insight into what's getting traction in the sales process.

Step by Step

  1. To create a Link object, go to Management Controls, click on the All Content tab, then click on the Links section. Click on theNew Link button.

  2. Add the following information:

    URL: The URL for the webpage you want the Link to go to.
    Name: Display name for the Link that's shown to your users.
    Shareable: Enables the link to be shared with prospects and customers.
    Description: Gives your users a quick summary of what the link contains.

  3. Click Save when done. Once your Link has been created, you will need to:

    Add it to a Circle so your users can view it.
  4. Tag it so it shows up when your users filter for it, or when they use Guided Selling® in the CRM.

    If you wish, you can also add it to a collection to group it with other related content.

    Once you're done setting up your Link object, this is what your end user will see in their All Content screen:

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