Tracking Veelo Exam Scores in Salesforce

Veelo has the ability to transfer your users' exam scores to Salesforce so you can correlate their exam performance to revenue and other metrics in Salesforce. Not only does this provide you with visibility into your users' performance, it provides you with a concrete measurement of whether the training you provide is making an impact on sales effectiveness.


We provide you with a preliminary dashboard you can customize as part of your Veelo installation package, which you can view by going into the Dashboards area of Salesforce and searching for Veelo Onboarding Dashboard. The dashboard, once populated with the appropriate data, will look similar to this:



This article shows you how to ensure the data is being passed on to the Salesforce dashboard. Because there are so many options for customization, please contact your customer success manager to discuss how to best proceed if you want to make extensive changes to the Salesforce dashboard.

  1. To start tracking exam scores, first you must create an exam Pak. To do so, ensure the Exam box is checked in the Pak settings page when you're creating a PAK.

  2. Next, add this Pak to a Collection. Once you've done so, click on the Manage This Collection tab, and click on the Edit link next to Description to edit the Collection settings.

  3. Check the Report on this Collection as an Onboarding To-Do box, and click Save when done.

  4. Add this Collection to a Circle, and then set it as a To-Do.

Performing these steps will ensure that the exam data you wish to correlate to sales performance will be passed to Salesforce for tracking in the Veelo Onboarding Dashboard.

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