Creating Completion Certificates

You can opt to have a certificate of completion automatically emailed to a user after they complete a To-Do. This feature offers you an easy, convenient way to set up certification programs, so you can acknowledge your users when they complete significant courses and pieces of training. You can add your company logo, as well as choose the appropriate executive name to appear on the signature block for each certificate.

Step by Step

1. Email your company logo to The logo must be a PNG with a transparent
    background, and be at least 400 pixels wide or 240 pixels tall. Wait for confirmation from Veelo
    Support before proceeding, or your certificate will feature the Veelo logo instead of your own.


2. When Creating and Editing To-Do's, click on the Add Certificate button at the bottom.




3. Add the appropriate name and title for the signature that will appear on the certificate. Click Save

    when done.




4. Your users will now see the certification marker below on all certified To-Do's.




5. Users can also see a list of all their certificates by clicking on the View Your Certificates link from the To-Do tab.



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