Administration Home Page Overview

Brainshark Administrators now have access to a newly designed Administration Home Page that will serve as one consistent landing page for all admin users, regardless of their role in Brainshark. An example of a Company Administrator's page is shown below - certain cards may be hidden for some users based on their unique admin permissions:


This page will still be accessed through the dropdown menu found by clicking your name in the top-right corner while logged in:



Each section of Administration is now separated into cards that each have a clickable header that will bring you directly to that section, as well as additional settings within each section that can be accessed from the Admin Home page. This format will retain all current permissions each administrative role has, and will also provide company contact info such as company name, address, and the primary Company Administrator.

Additional KPIs are also visible for monitoring the number of admins, active users, and active content within a company portal: 


Clicking each of these numbers will bring you to different sections of Administration:

  • The Admins KPI will display the number of active Company Administrators and Learning Administrators and will bring you to Manage Users if selected
    • Clicking this number will bring you to the Manage Users tool if you are able to access this section of Administration
  • The Active Users KPI lists the number of all active Brainshark users with your company
    • Clicking this number will also bring you to the Manage Users tool if you're able to
  • The Active Content KPI will display the number of active presentations, courses and curriculums you have
    • Clicking this number will bring you to the Manage Content tool of Administration (excluding Head Coaches who would not have access to this section)
    • This number excludes any inactive, archived or expired content

Which cards will be visible to me?

The chart below indicates which Administration cards will be visible to a user based on their permissions in Brainshark

User Roles Cards
Company Folders Users Groups Learning Coaching Content Advanced Options Integrations

Company Administrator

X X X X X X X X X**
Folder Administrator   X         X*    
Learning Administrator   X X X     X    
Head Coach (Coaching Administrator)   X              

* Enhanced Folder Administration will need to be enabled company-wide in order to see this card

** Only visible to Company Administrators whose user accounts are utilizing one of our Brainshark integrations such as a Salesforce Usersync Configuration

What's changed?

  • Company contact information is now visible to all Brainshark administrators, not just Company Administrators
    • This is the same information that was formerly displayed on the Display Information under Company > Display Information
  • Clicking the headers of each card (Company, Folders, etc.) will still bring you to their respective admin tools as you remember them 
    • For example, clicking on Users in the card layout would be similar to clicking Users in the previous Corporate Admin Tools (shown below):
  • The "Advanced Options" previously found in the Company section of the Corporate Admin Tools have now been placed in their own standalone card (visible to Company Administrators only)

Relevant Articles and Training Videos

For a video demonstration of this new UI, please check out our Admin Home Page Overview video found in our Brainshark Training Portal for a quick walkthrough of the available features.


  • This will be the home page for any Admin users who have Administration set as their default application
  • The information found in the Contact Information section is read-only and can only be updated by Brainshark Support with approval from an existing Company Administrator
  • The cards will display in a set order and cannot be re-sorted at this time, nor can available cards be made hidden


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