SFDC Sync: How to update Brainshark CRM Connector for Salesforce for issues with Syncing or when SFDC password expires

We have been notified that Brainshark Data is not able to sync to your Salesforce instance because the SFDC password has expired for your user.  Please follow these instructions to correct the issue.


1. Navigate to https://www.brainshark.com/(logindirectory) and login to Brainshark 

your username is (fill in the blank)   

*Note: You must be logging in as a Brainshark Administrator or as the pre-defined Syncuser

If you do not know your Brainshark password please use the Forgot password link to reset your password.


2. If you did not reset your password please skip to step 7


3.  Once your Brainshark password is reset please login to Salesforce in a new Browser tab

4.  Go to the Brainshark Setup tab

5.  Click on the Add/Reset Access Token button

6.  Enter your Brainshark username  and the password you just created


7.  Click on this URL  https://www.brainshark.com/1/integrations/en/integrations 

8.  Click on the Actions menu for the Salesforce integration profile and click Edit.

9.  Click the disconnect button and then click Connect  (you will need to authenticate into Salesforce as the dedicated Integration user or a Salesforce Administrator)

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