Default Landing Page & Layout - Individual Users

Quickly get to the information that matters most to you by selecting your preferred default landing page you will see when you first visit Scorecards!


Setting your default landing page for Scorecards:

The Scorecards settings page can be opened by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner of the page.

Preferences Section

The preferences section allows you to choose which default landing page you wish to see when you first visit Scorecards. To select your landing page, click on the Section drop-down menu and select which landing page you would like to see when logging in to Scorecards.


The Layout field will be auto filled when the Section dropdown option is selected. Update this field based on the layout you would like to see when you first login to Scorecards. If a Section only has one Layout option, the dropdown will autofill to this option. Layouts available will be determined by the manage layouts settings set by an administrator.

This section also gives you the option for save layout prompts. If you wish to be alerted for unsaved layout changes, enable this setting by clicking on the button located next to Prompt me to save layouts.

You may be working on a layout within Scorecards, when you click on another page without saving your layout! If you enable the Prompt me to save layouts setting, and you venture away from your layout without saving it, you will see a warning message like the one below appear.

The Prompt me to save layouts option is only visible to users who currently have the permissions to save layouts. The following roles have permission to save layouts and the option to select the Prompt me to save layouts option.

  • Learning Manager
  • Learning Administrator
  • Company Administrator
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