What is the Management Hierarchy View in Scorecards?

Managers and Administrators have access to the Management Hierarchy feature. This allows them to view Scorecard data from any user or management team and see how their performance compares to other teams. This tool helps to manage training progress and can help identify gaps in performance, skills, and knowledge. To do this, the Management Hierarchy will need to be defined in Brainshark via the user profiles.

To assign a Manager:

  1. Click on Administration

  2. Select Manage Users

  3. Under the Actions column for your user, click Edit Profile

  4. Click Find next to Manager Username

  5. Search for the manager and select their last name to assign the manager
  6. Submit your changes once completed

To enable Management Hierarchy

Existing customers can enable this feature themselves. New customers will have this feature enabled and have the option of disabling it through the instance settings page.

  1. Click on the Scorecards tab
  2. Navigate to Settings > Instance Settings
  3. Check the Enable management hierarchy view 
  4. Click Save Changes

To access the Management Hierarchy:

  1. Click on the Scorecards tab
  2. Navigate to Teams > Management Hierarchy
  3. Select View Team/View Individual to navigate to the scorecard of that member
    Mark two or more teams and click Compare in the top right 



  • Users who are not assigned a manager will appear under the "No Manager" category in the Hierarchy
  • When a group of Brainshark Accounts are linked in a circular fashion with no discernable top-level manager, they are placed in a separate group called "Circular References"
  • If an organization has a large organization that results in more than 1000 users at a single Hierarchy level, that tree will not be browsable but will remain searchable

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