How do I see historical completions of a re-enrolled student?

If the students were re-enrolled to the course, Learning Authors, Learning Admins, and Company Administrators could access their previous enrollment via the Course Enrollment report. The Course Enrollment report lists courses, course status and creation details, students enrolled, their profile information, and completion details.


To run the Course Enrollment Details report: 

  1. Select the Reporting tab
  2. Under Standard Reports, select Learning
  3. Search for and select the title of the Course Enrollment Report
  4. Prior to running the report, specify the report options:
    • From the Report Basics Tab:
      • Find the courses you wish to run the report on
      • Set the Date Range for how far back you would like to look at views:
          • Enrolled Within: (date range or start/end dates)
          • Viewed Within: (date range or start/end dates)
      • Select your preferred report output (we recommend using the CSV format)
    • From the Report Options Tab:
      • Select your desired sorting options
      • Checkmark Historical Enrollments (for re-enrolled users) to see all previous enrollments for those students under View Options.

    • Click Run Report.


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