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How do I report on outside SCORM packages uploaded into Brainshark?


To see the viewing information for SCORM content uploaded into Brainshark, users with Learning Author, Learning Administrator, or Company Administrator permissions can run a SCORM Data report. The SCORM Data report will show the list of the participants and their enrollment status, how long they view the course; If success and completion criteria are known, did the participant meet the success and completion criteria, and potential testing score.

To run the SCORM data report:

  1. Navigate to Reporting Tab
  2. Select Learning on the left-hand side under the standard Reports section
  3. Scroll and select the SCORM data report
  4. Prior to running the report, specify the report options:
    • From the Report Basics Tab: 
      • Find the course you wish to run the report on 
      • Choose when to run the report: now or schedule at a different time.
      • Set the Date Range for how far back you would like to look at views 
      • Select your preferred report output (we recommend using the CSV format)
    • From the Report Options Tab:
      • Select your desired Author and Student Filters.
  5. Select Run Report.
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