How do I include my authoring previews in reports?

It is common for authors to test viewing their own content in order to verify expectations with Brainshark reporting. 

If an author views their own presentation or course under the same web-browser that they are logged into their Brainshark account with; our systems will recognize that the author is reviewing this, and consider their view a 'preview'.

Previews will not automatically display in reports; however various content reports have the option to include this data; under the 'Report Options' tab:

  1. Select the 'Reporting' tab
  2. Search for the desired report, and click the report title
  3. Select the 'Report Options' tab; toward the top center of the screen, in blue text
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Report Options' page and select the checkbox for 'Include Previews'; as shown below:



Slide 13 of the following video training further elaborates on the 'Previews' setting.


Additional Training  

Brainshark Reporting Guide 





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