How can I tell which slides a user clicked on and viewed?

The Viewer Clickpath Details report allows a user to see the exact order of slides viewed and attachments accessed by each viewer. This is useful in understanding how someone navigated through a presentation, which slides they may have skipped, or which slides they revisited.

To run the Viewer Clickpath Details report: 

  1. Select the Reporting tab.
  2. In the Content section on the left-hand side, select the title of the Viewer Clickpath Details report.
  3. Prior to running the report, specify the report options:
    • From the Report Basics Tab: 
      1. Find the presentation(s) you wish to run the report on, either by folder or individually
      2. Set the Date Range for how far back you would like to look at views 
      3. Select your preferred report output (we recommend using the CSV format)
    • From the Report Options Tab:
      1. Select your desired sorting options 
      2. Choose which columns of information you would like to report on and include in your report 
        *Note: selecting and highlighting a report column will give you a brief description of what information it will gather in your report (see below):
      3. Mark whether or not you wish to include previews (Views from the Author/Admins) 
    • From the Filters Tab: 
      1. Narrow the scope of your results to either a specific viewer or group of viewers 
  4. Click Run Report 


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