Why are scheduled reports not running?

Scheduled reports in Brainshark allow you to, on a scheduled basis, receive reporting information on various areas of Brainshark.

  • The Scheduled report is created by an inactive or disabled user.
    • Reports that were created by users who are no longer active in your Brainshark site will not run and must be re-created by an active user.
  • The Scheduled report has expired.
    • Check the "Repeat until" field if the report is not running. The report may have expired and is no longer running because the "repeat until" field has passed. 
  • The Email To: field does not include your email address, or the field contains invalid email addresses.
    • Always ensure multiple email addresses are separated with a comma.
    • Check your spelling - if the email addresses are not written correctly the reports will be sent to an incorrect address.

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Scheduling a report

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