How Do I Track My Presentation Views?

Content Authors have the following methods to track who views your presentation:

1) Require a log-in

This would require that all viewers have a Brainshark profile and login information for your site.

An author of a presentation controls this by:

  • Select Edit for a presentation
  • Select the Security tab
  • Select the checkbox: Require User ID and password to view presentation
  • Select Save or Apply button at bottom of page

2) Enable a guestbook

This enables you to gather specific viewer information for a presentation.

An author of a presentation controls this by:

  • Select Edit for a presentation
  • Check the box next to Ask Viewer to Register with Guestbook
  • Click on the word Edit next to the word Guestbook. You can choose to display the guestbook either before or after the presentation. You can edit the guestbook text up to 255 characters. This is the set of instructions that appear on the top of the guestbook page.  Select the fields you would like to display on this presentation and choose which (if any) you would like to require. If there is data that you would like to collect, and there is no guestbook field available, contact your site administrator. He or she may be able to set up a custom field for you.
  • Click Save or Apply button at bottom of page

3) Add a tracking code to the URL of the presentation

The tracking code can be the name of the person you are sending the link to or the name of the group of people that you are sending the link to.

You may also want to use codes or numbers since the tracking code becomes part of the URL.

A tracking code can be added by:

  • Clicking "Share" on the appropriate presentation.
  • Under the body of the email message, you will see a Tracking Code box. Enter your code here. Your tracking code will now be attached to the presentation URL.
  • Copy and paste the link populated in the body of the message or add an email address to the To section you wish to send the content to

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