How can I manually create a certificate?

Authors and Company Administrators may need to create a copy of another users certificate for evidence of completion. 

Currently, Brainshark does not have an available functionality for authors or administrators to automatically generate certificates on behalf of their users. 

Brainshark recommends to review reports for evidence of completion. Once the completion has been verified, the author or administrator could also create a custom certificate for their viewer. 


To create a copy of a certificate:

  1. Click the Editing option (Located on the Slide properties section) for the desired presentation.
  2. In the Presentation Properties tab navigate to the boxes available to checkmark (bottom portion).
  3. Mark the checkbox Require viewers to complete presentation and click on the Edit icon to the right of the this option.
  4.  In the Completion Criteria page navigate to the Completion Certificate section and click Preview. A certificate template will be generated for download.
  5. Fill out the downloaded template with the users information for a manual creation of the certificate. 

Additional Training 

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