How do I add a course to an existing curriculum?

Sometimes, new Learning content is added in Brainshark after a curriculum has been created. In this case, as a Learning Author, Learning Administrator or Company Administrator you can add your new course to your existing curriculum.

How to add a course to an existing curriculum: 

  1. Navigate to Learning.
  2. Click Authoring and then My Courses and Curriculums from the drop-down menu.
  3. Find your curriculum in the list and click the Three Dots Menu in the Actions column.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select Edit Curriculum.
  5. Select the gray Courses tab.
  6. Click Add Courses on the right.
  7. Search for and select the course you would like to add, then click Submit.
  8. Click Submit on the right-hand side to save these changes.

*Note: If new courses are added to a Dynamic Curriculum, the student status will reset to "Incomplete" even if that student had previously completed the curriculum. Please refer for more details to this article: What is the expected behavior and workflow of courses added to dynamic curriculums?

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