How do I edit the number of question attempts in my course?

A Company Administrator can allow authors to set the number of retries a viewer has when responding to questions. If this setting is enabled, a Learning Author, Learning Administrator*, or Company Administrator can edit question slides in a course to limit the number of attempts a student has to choose the correct answer. 


To change the number of question attempts in a course:

  1. Log in to Brainshark and Navigate to Learning.
  2. Under 'Authoring', choose My Courses & Curriculums.
  3. Locate the course you would like to edit by adjusting the dropdown and/or using the 'Search' option.
  4. Click the three dots menu on the right under the 'Actions' column when you have located the course.
  5. Choose Edit Course.
  6. In the Course Details page, click the blue Edit Presentation button.
  7. Click Manage Slides at the top of the Things you can do menu.
  8. On the next page you will see a list of all slides in the course. 
  9. Choose the first question slide you would like to review/edit and click the Edit button below the slide title.mceclip0.png
  10. Click the Question properties tab.
  11. You can adjust the number in 'Allow user __ attempts' to increase or decrease how many chances a student has to answer the question correctly. Note: If this option does not appear, it means that 'Allow authors to specify retries for questions' has not been enabled by your Company Administrator.
  12. Click 'Save' to save these changes.

*Note: A Learning Administrator* will be able to edit a course if the site setting to allow Learning Administrators to edit/delete content is enabled. To enable this setting, contact your Company Administrator and have them reach out to Brainshark Support to process this request. This setting change can only be approved by a Company Administrator.


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