What does the setting 'Allow Authors to Copy This Course' do?

Company Administrators, Learning Administrators*, and Learning Authors have the ability to enable or disable a course setting called 'Allow Authors to Copy This Course'. 


When this setting is enabled, other authors can copy slide images, audio, and attachments from the course into their own content via the Merge Content tool. When 'Allow Authors to Copy This Course' is disabled, the course cannot be selected via the Merge Content tool. Disabling this setting does not prevent Company Administrators or Learning Administrators* from being able to make a new copy of the course.


How to enable or disable 'Allow Authors to Copy This Course':

  1. Log in to Brainshark and navigate to the Learning tab.
  2. At the top of the page, select Authoring.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select My Courses & Curriculums .
  4. Locate the course you wish to edit in the list. Company Administrators and Learning Administrators* will need to change the Created by dropdown to My Organization (see screenshot below).
  5. Click the three dots menu under Actions and select Edit Course.
  6. In the Course Information tab, you can check or uncheck to box for Allow authors to copy this course (see screenshot below).
  7. Click Submit to save changes.


*Note: The site-wide setting 'Enable Learning Admins to Edit and Delete Courses' must be enabled in order for Learning Administrators to have this ability. To enable this setting, contact your Company Administrator and have them reach out to Brainshark Support to process this request. This setting change can only be approved by a Company Administrator.


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