How do I enroll users in a course or curriculum?

As a Course/Curriculum Author, Learning Manager, Learning Administrator or Company Administrator you can enroll students into courses and curriculums. Any content that is set to limited enrollment will require students to be enrolled manually or through a group enrollment.

To enroll users in a course or curriculum:

  1. Navigate to the Learning tab
  2. Select Authoring and from the dropdown menu, select My Courses & Curriculums
  3. Search for the course or curriculum you'd like to re-enroll the group in, then select the 3 dots under actions then click Enroll Students
  4. In the Enrolled Students section, select Enroll Students button (see screenshot below) 
  5. A pop-up window will appear, you can use the Find option to search for and select the users you'd like to enroll:
  6. Once you've checked off any users you'd like to enroll, click Enroll Selected
  7. If you would like an invitation sent to your users, check the box next to 'Send Invitation Emails' and edit the provided email template as needed
  8. To enroll the students, click Submit at the bottom of the pop-up window

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