Can we enroll a user into multiple sessions of the same course?

Learning Authors in Brainshark have the ability to create course sessions to enroll students into, which can act as real-time courses or webinars taking place in-person or online that students will need to attend. Each student enrolled into one of these types of courses may be given one scheduled session to attend out of a list of possible dates and times. Completions of one of these sessions would then mark the student as having completed the entire course in Brainshark.

Since Brainshark will not enforce a student to re-take a Learning course by default, a student would be unable to enroll into multiple sessions from the same course unless they are re-enrolled back into that same course. The author or administrator would need to re-enroll the student with the specific 're-enroll' button, under the course enrollments page. More information on re-enrolling students can be found through the articles linked here:

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