How do I add or change the due date on a course or curriculum?

Sometimes, Group Managers, Individual users' managers, Learning Administrators, or Company Administrators need to add, change, or remove the due date for a Course or Curriculum after it is created and students have been enrolled. This can be accomplished via the enrolled students page of the content.  


  1. Click the Learning tab, and find the course in the My Courses and Curriculums or Course Catalog section.
  2. Click edit course, or, if a group/user manager, manage group enrollments
  3. Navigate to the Enrolled Students section
  4. In the list of enrolled students, click the check box next to the student's names that you want to change the due date for
  5. Select edit due date
  6. Change, add or remove the desired due date and click submit

*Note: Students do not receive reminders when a course due date is coming up. You can set up reminders for a course that will be sent out to users, but these are not specific to the due date. Any course with a due date will appear in the learner's progress tracker. If there is no due date, it will not appear in the progress tracker, but it will still appear in the learner's enrollments. 



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