How do I designate a course as an exam in a curriculum?

When a Learning Author is creating a curriculum and adding courses to the curriculum, they will see a checkbox alongside each course added that says "Designate as Exam." This feature, once checked, will prevent users from going back and reviewing previous courses in the curriculum so long as they are taking the exam course. This will help create a "closed-book" test session to ensure they are not reviewing any existing content for answers during the exam. Once the exam course is completed they can then go back to review the previous courses in the curriculum. 

To designate a course as an exam in a curriculum:

  1. Navigate to Learning
  2. Select Authoring > My Courses and Curriculums from the drop-down menu
  3. Find the curriculum you would like to edit, select the 3 vertical dots under the Actions column, and select Edit Curriculum
  4. Select the check box to Hide prerequisite course when exam is in progress on the Curriculum details tab


  1. Select the Courses tab under the curriculum title
  2. Find or add the course you would like to designate as an exam and below the course title, select the Designate as Exam checkbox
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  3. Press Submit to save your changes    

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