How do I re-enroll individual student(s) into a course or curriculum?

If you need to re-enroll a user into a course or curriculum, you will be able to as a Company Administrator, a Learning Administrator, or a Learning Author.

To Re-Enroll individual Student(s):

  1. Navigate to the Learning tab.
  2. Select Authoring and from the dropdown menu, select My Courses & Curriculums.
  3. Find the course or curriculum the student needs to be re-enrolled in.
  4. In the Actions column, select the 3 vertical dots and then select Enroll Students from the drop-down menu.
  5. Under the Enrolled Students section, locate the desired student(s), and select the checkbox to the left of the name(s).
  6. After, select the Re-Enroll Student(s) option above in blue lettering.
  7. A window will populate where you can choose to re-send the course/ curriculum invitation e-mail.
  8. Scroll down and click Submit to officially Re-enroll the student. 

*Note: Re-enrolling a student will reset their completion status to 'Enrolled' even if the Learning activity was already complete.



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