Where can I add and edit Learning Topics? 

Learning Topics are used in Courses and Curricula as a way of categorizing Activities within Reporting. These topics can be added and edited by Company Administrators. 

To add Learning Topics: 

  1. Navigate to Administration 
  2. Click on Manage Learning on the Learning card
  3. Click Edit Learning Topics in the menu on the left
  4. To add a New learning topic, type the topic in the text box titled Add a New Learning Topic and press submit
  5. To edit a learning topic, highlight the topic name, select Edit below, type in the changes needed, and select Save


  • Existing topics can either have a Subtopic added, Edited, or Deleted from the menu using the respective button 
  •  If an existing Topic is removed, any courses or curricula associated with that topic will remain unaffected and switch to not having any topic until a new one is assigned



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