Why isn't my course certificate showing in the progress tracker?

I need to see the certificates for each course I have completed within a curriculum, but when I go to the progress tracker, I do not see them. 

As a viewer, you may have access to your certificates in the Progress Tracker depending on the settings put in place by the author. If a course is part of a curriculum, only the curriculum certificate will show in the tracker. You can still access the certificates for the individual courses by going into each course itself.

To see the certificates for each course in a curriculum:

  1. Navigate to the Learning tab in your account.
  2. Search for the curriculum that contained the courses you need certificates for. You may need to adjust the filters in your account to see completed content, see this article for how to do this: How do I see my completed courses and curriculums?
  3. Click View Courses to see all the courses in the curriculum. See screenshot below
  4. To the right of the Review button, there will be a ribbon icon if there is a certificate in place. Clicking on that ribbon will begin the download of your certificate. See Screenshot below
  5. When the download finishes, you can click the down arrow to save or print the certificate. 

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