Why am I seeing a message stating the filepath is too long when uploading a SCORM file?

Occasionally when uploading SCORM packages, a Learning Author gets the error "The package you have selected contains a long filepath that would exceed the limit of the file system. Please shorten the filepath and try again."

There is a filepath limit of 220 characters for all SCORM uploads. To reduce the number of characters, please try the following:

  • Shorten the name of the ZIP file itself before uploading
  • Save the ZIP file directly to the desktop or another location that is not within another folder like a network folder or cloud server
  • You may need to work with the SCORM creator to ensure the file names within the SCORM package > SCORM content > Assets, folder are shortened to allow to upload to Brainshark.

For Example: 

This video name and its file path name is 202 characters long:

\Brainshark-questions-regarding-scormtest-salesenablement-scorm12-REwrMQW5\scormcontent\assetsNh1M7A6Zg-WPwJpL_transcoded-RVHesSLuWnWFSKue-Brainshark Questions Regarding Scorm Test Sales Enablement- video 1.mp4

Once uploaded, Brainshark adds another 40 characters to the beginning of the filepath name which then exceeds the limit and results in an error.






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