What error messages might appear when trying to upload a Course Completion Import? 

After importing your Course Completion Import file, you will receive an email sent to the email address of the logged-in user, informing you that your file has been processed. If any rows were unable to be loaded, a .csv file will be attached to the email so you may correct the error(s) and re-import the file.

Please refer to the table below for error messages you may see and the resolution: 




Course is already completed 

Student already has completed status for the course 

Manually re-enroll student in the course and re-import 

Course is Coaching Activity 

Coaching activities may not be marked complete using the import process 

None – not available for coaching activities 

Username not valid 

The username does not exist or is inactive 

Verify and update username 

Insufficient privileges 

The user importing the file does not have privileges to update the specified course 

Verify user is a Company Administrator, Learning Administrator, or the course author 

Course ID not valid 

Course ID does not exist or has been deleted 

Verify and update the course ID 

Completed date not found 

Date is not included or is not in MM/DD/YYYY format 

Verify and update completed date 



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