Group Enrollments: Enrolling current and future members vs. current members only

Learning Authors and Learning Administrators will have the option to dictate which of these group enrollment settings will be used when enrolling a group into a course or curriculum:

  • enrollment type will set the course/curriculum enrollment so that members that are currently in the group AND members who are added to the group at any point in the future will be enrolled.

  • The Enroll current group members enrollment type will only enroll students who are currently members of the group at the time of enrollment.

To change between these enrollment types, you will need to completely remove the group's enrollment to the course/curriculum and enroll the group again. (Please see the following screenshots for reference):

  • Step 1: Remove the Enrollment of the desired group(s):

  • Step 2: Enroll the Group(s) with the desired Enrollment type:

  • Finished result of changing Enrollment Type:


Performing the group enrollment deletion and immediately enrolling them will not change the enrollment status (e.g., Complete, Incomplete, Enrolled) for those individuals in the group. Students who have completed the course will stay marked as "Complete." Lastly, students who had already received the course/curriculum invitation will not receive another one via e-mail.

*Note: Learning reports will still reflect correct data for those who have successfully completed the course/curriculum.


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