How To Read the Progress Tracker in Learning

Any user with access to the Learning Tab in Brainshark will see their own Progress Tracker along the top of the window. Course content that has been given due date will appear here, as well as any scheduled course sessions. Each section found here is explained below:


  • Assignments to Be Completed shows the number of courses or curriculums that are not completed. If a course or curriculum does not have a due date, it will still appear in the Enrollment section below the Progress Tracker when the Status filter is set to Current or All
  • Completed shows the percentage of completion the user has met of their assignments with Due Dates
  • In Certificates the user can click on the badge icon and a lightbox will appear with a list of the courses and curriculums that they have completed which have certificates associated with them. Clicking the badge in the Download column will generate a copy of their certificate.
  • Course Sessions will show any upcoming sessions that the user is enrolled in, along with the session date, start time, and end time of each.
    • If the session is held virtually, students can also view the course details to enter into the session using the Take Now button

To the right are any courses or curriculums that are not completed which have a due date. The title, estimated time to complete the item, and the due date are listed. Hovering over the banner will show if the user is Enrolled (has not started viewing) or Incomplete (has started viewing but not met completion criteria).

*Note: The course or curriculum will need to have a due date for it to be included. Enrollments that do not have a due date are not expected to be visible in the Progress Tracker.


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