How do I auto-launch assets or attachments without the Brainshark player?

It is possible to send URL links from Brainshark that will automatically open the attached asset when clicked. This would launch the file outside of the Brainshark player in it's native format.

Some benefits of this setting include:

  • This allows authors to send public viewers a URL link in order to easily download files.
  • Allows authors to send out a file that is protected by a Brainshark login requirement.
  • If you want to capture Guestbook reporting data of the viewers, but don't want your viewers to have to click on the Attachments tab from within the Brainshark player in order to download the assets. 

Recent Enhancements

With Modern Authoring you can now select which particular attachment you would like to auto-launch. Due to this, the setting is located within the edit mode of each attachment asset. 

To enable an asset of your choice to auto-launch from within Modern Authoring:

  1. Enter the Edit Mode of the desired presentation through Modern Authoring.
  2. Select Assets toward the top left.
  3. Hover your mouse over the desired asset and select the pencil icon to the right side.
  4. Depending on your screen-size you may need to scroll down the little box that populates to access the toggle to Launch this asset without player
  5. Press Apply to store changes.


The Classic Authoring edit mode of presentations will only permit authors to auto launch the first attachment in a presentation.

To enable the first attachment to auto-launch without the Brainshark player through Classic Authoring:

  1. Enter the Edit Mode of the desired presentation through Classic Authoring.
  2. At the very bottom of the Presentation Properties tab, check the box that says Launch first attachment without player.
  3. Click Save to store changes.
  4. Users may then exit out of the edit mode, or perform a test view to verify results.


Please Note:

  • Selecting this feature launches the first attachment on the presentation in its native program. The only supported features include login, guestbook, and password. Security settings will also be honored. Any player-based features (i.e. FAQ, company logo, author photo, looping, etc) will be ignored.
  • Only one asset may be selected to auto launch. If this setting is enabled on a Modern Authoring asset, the toggle will gray out for the other assets until this is disabled on the original file.


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