How do I modify question slides?

Authors who can create questions can manage their question backgrounds using the Media Library.

To upload a new question background:

  1. Edit the presentation
  2. Choose My Media Library from the Things You Can Do menu
  3. Select the Question background tab
  4. Select the Add question background link to upload a new question background
  5. Browse to a file and select Save to save changes

 To edit textbox and button placement for a question background:

  1. Select Edit text offsets link for the corresponding background image.
  2. Drag and resize the various text offset boxes to your liking. The boxes that can be adjusted are:
    • The Question Text box
    • Attempt counter
    • Submit button
    • Feedback box
      • IMPORTANT: Please ensure that no text offset boxes are overlapping with one another as this may cause interactivity issues and prevent viewers from selecting certain question options.
  3. Edit the font, size, and color of the text, if desired.
  4. Select Apply or Save button to save changes.

Once you have created and edited your question backgrounds, you can apply them to your question slides by editing your presentation and performing the following steps:

  1. Select Manage Slides
  2. Select Edit under the question slide
  3. If creating a new question slide, select Add a Question from the Things you can do menu
  4. Choose the Background Image tab
  5. Select the image from the list of available Question Backgrounds, or upload a new image if it has not been added to your Media Library

*Note: If this is the first question slide that is being added to your presentation, all subsequent question slides will, by default, assume the question background applied to this slide. Any further changes to the background images for the question slides will need to be done manually.

For more information on Adding and Editing Questions, click here.


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