What does the 'Hide Content from Search' setting do?

Brainshark offers various methods to prevent user access to presentations.

Content created or edited through Classic Authoring will grant the authors access to a setting titled 'Hide content from Search. If enabled, this will prevent a presentation from populating under the 'Content' tab for any users, including Company Administrators. 

Content created or edited through Modern Authoring will be referred to as Discoverable or not Discoverable. Any new presentations created under Modern Authoring are automatically set to inactive, and are not discoverable on the Content tab by default.


How can Authors can access their hidden content?

If 'Hide Content from Search' is enabled, or if the presentation hasn't yet been set to be discoverable, the assigned author will still have full access to their presentation under their own individual 'My Content' tab. Company Administrators will also have an additional level of access to any hidden presentations by navigating to the 'Manage Content' Administration tab.


Administration Settings:

Company Administrators will have access to Administration default settings for hiding content in your company site. Please note that the Administration settings for 'Active on Upload' and 'Hide Content' only apply to presentations created in Classic Authoring.

  1. Select Administration from the top right drop-down.
  2. Type Hide into the top left settings search bar.
  3. Select Security: Hide Content from the populated drop down.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to modify the settings.


Modern Authoring updates:

Any brand new presentations created under Modern Authoring are automatically set to inactive, and by default are not discoverable on the Content tab.

At this time Administration settings cannot override this. Authors or administrators may directly modify the visibility of the presentation once the content is ready for distribution.

To make the presentation discoverable under the Content tab for other users:

  1. Navigate to the Edit mode of the desired presentation.
  2. Select Modern Authoring.
  3. Select the Settings gear icon toward the top right of the account.
  4. Select both toggles for Active & Discoverable.
  5. Press Save to store changes.



  • These settings will only hide the presentation from populating on the 'Content tab. If a viewer obtains a link to an active 'hidden' presentation, they will be still able to view the materials.
  • At this time we do not have an available reporting functionality that could track which presentations are not discoverable (or hidden from search).

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