How do I create a URL slide?

Authors of Brainshark content can add a URL to a slide in Brainshark. They can also re-order the URL slide within the Brainshark after they have created it.

In order to create a URL slide, the author must navigate to the editing section of the Brainshark, add the URL to a new slide, save the slide, and reorder the slide.

To create a URL slide:

    1. Click on the Edit icon (pencil) for the Brainshark content settings to be opened.
    2. Navigate to the Things you can do column on the left hand side of the Brainshark content settings page.
    3. Click Add Slides, then select Add URL Slide to create the slide.
    4. Navigate to the Web URL section and paste the URL to be added.
    5. Navigate to the Title section and enter a title for the URL slide.
    6. Click Save
    7. A page that displays the slides in chronological order will appear, navigate to the bottom of this page, and manage the order of the URL slide by clicking the up & down arrow on the right side (URL slides will always be the last slide before re-ordering).




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