How do I add an image to a question slide?

Authors that want to add an image to a question slide will be able to. They may want to add the image to decorate the question slide background or ask a question related to the image.


There isn't a direct way to add an image to a question slide but there is a workaround. Authors will need to create an original PowerPoint with the image they want. They should select a specific area to place the image on the PowerPoint slide, save, and upload to their Brainshark by selecting the 'Add question background' icon located in 'My Media Library'. 

To add an image to a question slide:

  1. Create an original PowerPoint slide.
  2. Add an image to that PowerPoint slide (Please be aware on the placement of the image on the slide, to avoid the question and the image superimposing onto each other when uploaded to Brainshark).
  3. Navigate to the content on the Brainshark site and click Edit (pencil icon).
  4. Click My Media Library from the Things You Can Do menu.
  5. Select the Question background tab.
  6. Select the Add question background link to upload a new question background.
  7. Browse to a file (newly created PowerPoint slide) and select Save to save changes.

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