How can I provide viewers with custom feedback on my question slides?

As an Author, you may want to provide users with feedback on their responses to questions in your presentations. You can customize the message a viewer sees when they answer a questions based on their response.  

To add specific feedback when making a new question:

  1. Navigate to the Edit mode of your presentation
  2. Select Add a Question from the Things you can do Menu on the left side of your screen
  3. Enter the text you'd like for your question and possible responses
  4. Select the Points and Feedback tab (see screenshot below)
  5. Select either Show feedback to viewer or Show custom feedback
  6. Here you can use the Show feedback to viewer option to enter the feedback you'd like for when a user responds correctly or incorrectly. You can also use the Show custom feedback option to provided a specific response for each possible response. 
  7. Once you have finished entering the feedback, select Save to apply your changes 


To add/edit feedback to a question already in your presentation:

  1. Navigate to Edit mode of the presentation
  2. Select Manage Slides
  3. Select Edit under the question slide
  4. Select the Question Properties tab
  5. Choose the Points and Feedback tab (see screenshot below)
  6. Select either Show feedback to viewer or Show custom feedback
  7. Enter the feedback you'd like to appear for your question slide
  8. Click Save or Apply to save your changes 



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