How do I submit a presentation for content approval?

When creating Brainshark Content in a folder that requires content approval as a Content Author, any changes or updates need to be approved by a Folder Administrator of the folder your content is stored in. Once you have made all the changes necessary to the content you can submit this for approval to the Folder Administrators.


To submit your content for approval:

  1. Navigate to the My Content Tab
  2. Edit the content you wish to submit for approval
  3. After making any changes you need, at the top of the edit screen you will see "The content of this presentation has not yet been approved and it can not be distributed. Click Request Approval to submit this presentation for review."
  4. Click Request Approval to submit the content to the Folder Administrators for approval

*Note: You will be unable to edit the content further until approval for the existing changes has been made.


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