How do I create a Presentation with Classic Authoring?

A Content Author is able to create presentations via the Content tab as long as a Company Administrator has given authoring access to at least one folder, and enabled the setting "User can create presentations from Upload" in their profile .


To create a Presentation:

  1. Select the Content tab at the top of your Brainshark account.
  2. Click Create Presentation from the drop-down menu, or by clicking the Create button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select the Classic Authoring option. 
  4. A new page will launch. Select one of the seven options options below:
    • For PowerPoint content, select Add Voice to PowerPoint and either click and drag on your file into the window or select Upload a PowerPoint.

    • For Google Slides content, select Add Voice to Google Slides. you must first link your account to Google Drive and Authorize Brainshark to access your account.

    • For other document types such as PDF or Word select Narrate a Document and either click and drag on your file into the window or select Upload a Document.

    • For Video content, select Upload a Video and either click and drag on your file into the window or select Upload a Video.

    • To record your own video through Brainshark, select Record a Video and choose either to Record with Webcam or Record your Screen (Chrome only).

    • For Photo Content, select Make a Photo Album and either click and drag the photos into the window or select Upload Photos.

    • For Audio-only Content. Select Produce a Podcast. You may either Record Your Voice directly in Brainshark or Upload MP3s from your computer.

    • For Web-based content, select HTML5 or Web Content and insert a direct link to the content or Upload HTML5 content as a ZIP File.

  5. Once you have selected one of these options and began uploading your content, the file will first Upload and then it will begin the Conversion process. This will take your file that you've uploaded to the cloud and convert it so Brainshark's software can display that information in your Presentation.
    • Note: Please do not navigate away from this page while uploading your presentation.
  • When finished converting, click Next and you will be prompted with the following three options:
    • Add your voice.
    • Upload a video file.
    • Skip adding audio or video for now to continue on to editing the Presentation Properties.

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