What does the setting "Launch First Attachment Without Player" do?

It is possible to send links from Brainshark that will automatically open the attached file when clicked. This can be done if you want to send out a file that is protected by a Brainshark login requirement, or if you want to capture guestbook data of the viewers, but don't want your viewers to have to click  the attachments tab from the player. 


In order to enable this setting:

  • Select the presentation you'd like to apply this to and click edit
  • On the Presentation Properties tab, check the box that says "Launch first attachment without player"
  • Click Save or Apply

* Note: Selecting this feature launches the first attachment on the presentation in its native program. The only supported features include login, guestbook, and password. Security settings will also be honored. Any player-based features (i.e. FAQ, company logo, author photo, looping, etc) will be ignored.


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